Latitude 22N is a Hong Kong based design studio established in 2008 by designer and artist duo Julie Progin and Jesse Mc Lin. Named Latitude to reflect on the diverse backgrounds of the founders and of their collaborative partners, and 22N for the latitude of Hong Kong, the studio offers a range of contemporary and creative porcelain dinnerware, home decor, accessories and lighting under their brand Latitude 22N, bespoke designs, graphic design as well as very unique limited edition and experimental pieces under their label Julie & Jesse.

How would you describe aesthetic/style?

We see our designs as detailed, poetic, sometimes witty, intricate, subtle, elegant and culture-conscious. We aim to connect with traditions, culture and history whilst always having something new to say. We identify ourselves as a link between industry, craft, design and users and seek to stimulate a dialogue through our work.

Where are you finding inspiration these days?

We’ve been travelling a lot as of late and had the chance of exploring all sorts of museums in Paris, New York and Tokyo. The hunting and nature museum in Paris was one the highlights of our travels. Housed in a gorgeous 17th-century Hôtel it features a mix of taxidermy, hunt-related items and nature-themed art. We loved how the curators incorporated contemporary artworks in the midst of antiques and the quirky hunting illustrations by Daniel Horowitz. Every aspect of this museum has been carefully considered, down to security cameras housed in cast bronze tree branches. It makes for a special, bizarre and quirky place full of fascinating displays that are thought-provoking and a great source of inspiration.

What is your favourite area in Hong Kong?

I would not be able to choose one area over another. However I am in love with those streets that specialise in specific trades. I enjoy going to the flower market in Jordan or strolling on Shanghai Street in Yau Ma Tei and shop at all the wonderful wholesale kitchenware stores. I also stop by the metal workshops a little further up northwest of Shanghai street for some visual inspiration and then walk towards Sham Shui Po for the fabrics, textures and colors that never cease to amaze me and fuel my thoughts.

What would be the perfect collaboration for Latitude 22N?

My partner Jesse and I love to collaborate on projects that allow us to explore different mediums of expression. We work across a mix of industries and design disciplines. Together we have backgrounds in art, ceramics, graphic design, experiential design, illustration as well as textiles which enables us to have a very wholesome approach to any given project and create designs with strong stories throughout every details. But most important to Latitude 22N is to team up with entrepreneurs we admire, that are like-minded in their values and stories and wish to set forth designs that are culture-conscious and fresh. This makes for strong partnerships and helps add the layers and dimensions needed to make a perfect collaboration.

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