Go Hung, a local artist in Hong Kong, he specializes in highlighting various social issues that plague Hong Kong and the world as whole through his artwork. Using materials he collected from the streets, his works are ‘littered’ back onto the streets for public viewing; his practice being a metaphor for the wasteful consumerist culture we currently reside in. This summer, he was also one of the three artists chosen for the residency by Hkwalls Artist-in-Residence at Pop Up Co-art Exhibiton in 2019.

1) What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

I used to design event and exhibition, done some visual merchandising and sold some clothes when I was living in London, and I have been teaching spatial design for nearly a decade.

2) How did you start making art?

I don’t even know, to be really honest. I usually call my personal works, work or project, sometimes sculpture sometimes thing. I think we miscommunicate a lot nowadays, and we have different definitions of different things including art too. So, I’d rather the viewer who defines and recognizes my works if they think it’s an “art”. But normally I start researching on a new project when I’m feeling absolute sh_t.

3) What does your work aim to say?

The right thing? Hopefully.

4) Name one Hong Kong artist you’d like to be compared to.

I look up to a Hong Kong painter, 陳中樞 Chan Chung Shu a lot, especially for his series of paintings titled, 距離 Distance. And I am afraid, his observation and practice are both way ahead of mine for me to say “to be compared to”.

5) Where do you usually hang out with friends in Hong Kong? Why is it your favourite place?

I would say hiking trails (for beginners ha) are my favourite places in Hong Kong because people say hi to each other even they are running out of breath.

6) If you can have a permanent art installation at The Nate, what would it be?

It would be an installation built from reclaimed wood with found furniture and simple tools, very likely to be titled, GoHung’s Studio… and did you say it’s permanent? jokes ;p I thought about hanging bits of my work, Feet Squared, outside The Nate on the exterior for the closing in August, but due to the summer heat I think it was nicer to keep the windows shut for the visitors. But something outside its where you usually see my works, maybe a bird feeder in a wooden sculptural form attached outside the kitchen floor at The Nate could be nice? So the regular residence could share their food waste, as well as, a shout out to what’s happening in Amazon.

Learn More about Go Hung here