Jeff Fearon and Tim Hay of Fearon Hay Architects join District15’s Advisory Board.

Fearon Hay Architects is a partnership between Jeff Fearon and Tim Hay and was established to enable their combined involvement in the design and execution of each project. Founded in 1998 and based in Auckland, New Zealand, the design-led studio operates with between 12 to 15 staff and applies this approach to a broad range of typologies located in diverse environments – costal, urban, rural, lakeside and alpine. The resulting work has received extensive recognition in both national and international award programmes.

Fearon Hay regards each commission as an individual opportunity to create architecture that has fully exercised the abilities of the practice and hence delivers satisfaction to their clients, the occupants, and all that experience the work that results. They seek to create architecture derived from an understanding of site, brief, and the people and place it is being created for.

Working nationally and internationally, Fearon Hay has an increasing variety of commissions that deliver private dwellings, hospitality and interior projects, and a developing range of commercial & hotel briefs.

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