If you live in Hong Kong, you will know that apartments are shrinking to smaller proportions. Designers are now having to reinvent new ways to micro living.  Here are 5 tips to consider in making the most out of your small living space.

1) Big Windows
A well-lit room will make any room appear larger. Get rid of heavy draperies, open up the windows to let natural light in

2) Strategic Storage
The more storage spaces you have, the less clutter you will see. Consider adding floor-to-ceiling shelves. this trick will expand how high your ceiling looks. Another way is to use your bed, which probably takes up the most space in your room; having storage space underneath can actually save a lot of space. Opt for drawers built in underneath or a hinged mattress frame that lifts up.

3) Furniture
Multi-functional furniture that can be folded, stacked, kept away is a great space saver. For example an extendable dining table or a cupboard that flips out as a desk. Simply push it out of the way when you are not using it.

4) Lighter Palette
Light and neutral tones will appear to make your space bigger. Go for pale colored walls and lighter colored furniture to expand your space visually.

5) Reflective items
Include mirrors in your space! Incorporate textures that reflect light such as lacquered furniture or brass detailing. The reflection will amplify the perception of space.

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