Investment Rationale

In the lead up to the expansion of the MTR to Sai Ying Pun, in 2010 we identified a strip of underutilized retail spaces on Connaught Road West. We purchased 5 of these ground floor units and in order to consolidate the whole strip took out a long term master lease on the remaining 5 shops. We rebranded the area as Warehouses On West and look forward to having it become a focal point in Sai Ying Pun. Current and previous tenants include:

Repositioning to Office and Retail

Kwan Yick Building Phase III, No. 158A Connaught Road West

15,000 sqft spread over 10 G/F retail shops

Early 2017




Warehouses On West is a strip of genuine Hong Kong warehouses that have been repurposed to be a new destination that combines culture, creativity, business and place under one roof.
Sitting at street level, all of these warehouses have their own unique story – some of them were old motorbike repair shops, coffee go downs or dried seafood stores. With 6.1 meter ceilings at the front and spanning three levels, these spaces are anything but your normal box-like space.

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